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Brief History

On behalf of the Sports Sciences Association, which organized the deans' meeting, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Günay and Prof. Dr. With the suggestion of Mitat Koz and the support of other meeting participants for this suggestion, the council of deans of sports sciences faculties (SPORDEK) was established and its directive was accepted at the meeting held in Antalya at 14.00 on November 16, 2017.

  • Evaluating the problems of faculties within the framework of scientific data and products,

  • To contribute to the effective and efficient conduct of faculties' education-training, research/publication and community service activities within an ethical framework,

  • To encourage the development of education in the field of sports sciences in Turkey and to create core training programs in this field.

  • To produce policies on scientific grounds and/or take necessary initiatives to realize them on issues related to education (accreditation, etc.), infrastructure (academic, physical, minimum standards, etc.), employment and research-publication,

  • To create the administrative-legal and educational infrastructure of quality assessment and accreditation studies in faculties; To support the activities of institutions, organizations and boards established for this purpose,

  • To monitor relevant meetings and relevant board meetings and various studies on the subject, and to develop strategies.



As the Council of Deans of Faculties of Sports Sciences, our main mission is; To create a synergy between sports science faculties in Turkey, to determine national standards in education, research and community service and to ensure the continuous development of these standards. To this end, we aim to develop innovative and sustainable educational programs in the field of sports sciences while encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations, based on academic excellence and ethical values. One of our main goals is to create an environment that will enable our students and academics to continuously improve their knowledge, skills and competencies, and to raise them as individuals who can compete at a global level and be leaders in their fields. In addition, our priorities include increasing the contributions of the sports sciences discipline to social welfare and individual development, and disseminating it to large audiences by emphasizing the positive effects of sports and physical activity on public health.

DALL·E 2024-02-06 23.34.34 - A collaborative workshop scene where sports science faculty members from different universities brainstorm and design core curriculum programs on larg.webp


Our vision, as the Council of Deans of Faculties of Sports Sciences, is to be a leading, innovative and effective authority in the field of sports sciences at the national and international level. In this context, we aim to create exemplary faculties that are nationally and internationally recognized for their education and research quality, and to make significant contributions to the academic and social development of sports sciences through these faculties. By using the multidisciplinary structure of sports sciences education, we aim to develop projects and policies that will contribute to the physical, psychological and social well-being of individuals, in interaction with different disciplines such as health, education, social sciences and engineering. In addition, expanding the boundaries of sports sciences through academic research and innovative practices, encouraging international collaborations and exchange programs in this field, and thus creating a global network of knowledge and experience in the field of sports sciences are the cornerstones of our vision. As the Council, we aim to be a reference point at the national and international level in this field by supporting the academic, social and technological innovations necessary for sustainable development in the field of sports sciences.


The Deans' Council of Sports Sciences Faculties (SPORDEK) Logo was accepted unanimously at the meeting held on 05.02.2021:

                                                                                                  Analysis of the Logo:

Navy blue: It evokes eternity, management and efficiency.
Blue: It expresses peace, stillness and tranquility.
Orange: It is the color of strength and endurance. The color orange, which is considered a symbol of joy and wisdom, is also stated to activate feelings of socialization. It is also described as the color of education.
The orange structure below represents our theoretical area.
The blue structure above represents our application area and infinity.

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Education Lecturer Dr. who contributed to the design and realization of this logo. Lecturer On behalf of SPORDEK, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to our member Enver YOLCU.

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